Episode 48 – Winter Olympics 2018 (Part 3)

This week we wrap up our Olympics coverage with the conclusion of the Winter Beer and Geek Olympics. The sports our geek teams compete in this time are Speed Skating, Alpine Skiing, Figure skating, Ski Jump and Snowboarding. We reveal the final medal totals and announce the winning team of the Winter Geek Olympics. Then for the WInter Beer Olympics we have the wildcard round, which features the beer that stood out to us.

Mad Anthony – Blueberry Wheat
Upland – Latitude Adjustment
Danny Boy – Scotch Ale

Episode 47 – Winter Olympics 2018 (Part 2)

Our Olympics coverage continues this week with part 2 of the Winter Beer and Geek Olympics. During the Winter Geek Olympics the teams compete in Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton, Cross-Country Skiing, Biathlon and Nordic Combined. As for the Winter Beer Olympics we review the porter/stouts and determine who deserves the gold.

Mad Anthony – Jonesing for Java
Upland – Bad Elmer’s Porter
Danny Boy – Church

Episode 46 – Winter Olympics 2018 (Part 1)

In celebration of the Winter Olympics we have created our own Olympic Games, which will unravel over the next three weeks. On the geek half of the show we imagine what the Olympics would look like if they existed in the Marvel Universe, in what we call the Winter Geek Olympics. We debate which characters would best handle each event and what team would take home the most medals. Then on the drinking half we chose three breweries to battle in three different styles and determine who deserves the gold in the Winter Beer Olympics. This week we discuss curling and hockey and review the pales.

Upland – Dragonfly IPA
Mad Anthony – Mosaic Moon
Danny Boy – Rock N Rolla

Episode 45 – Disney/Fox Deal

On this episode Keith and Saf are left to discuss Disney buying Fox. They cover the main aspects of the deal and what that might mean for the industry going forward. They also look at major franchises Disney will end up with after this deal officially goes through. Finally, after the geek talk they review three beers.

IN: 18th Street – The Fox and the Hunted
Out: Troegs – Blizzard of Hops
Strange: Blue Moon – Cinnamon Horchata

Episode XLIV – The Last Jedi

We gave you over a month to see the newest Star Wars and now we are going to share our thoughts. We do a full spoiler discussion of the plot which includes are favorite moments, things that disappointed us and some ideas about what will happen next. Then we round out the episode with a few brew reviews.


  • IN: Warpigs – Foggy Geezer
  • OUT: Warpigs – Lazurite
  • Strange: Tallgrass – Strawberry Shortcake

Episode 43 – The Punisher

On this episode Saf flies the ship solo and provides a ton of information on Marvel’s The Punisher. Listen in if you have ever been curious about the creation of the character or want to hear Saf’s thoughts on the previous movies. He also reviews The Punisher series from Netflix with some spoilers so beware if you haven’t watched it yet. Then he wraps up the show with a couple beer reviews.


  • IN: Bloomington Brewing Co – 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat
  • OUT: Iron Line Brewing – Vine Street Junction IPA

Episode 42 – 2018 Preview

On this episode the full crew takes a look into the future to discuss some of the movies and TV shows they are looking forward to in 2018. Saf runs through the release calendar and tries to cover all of the big movies coming to a theater near you. Finally, as always the guys end the show with three beer reviews.


  • IN: Central State – Oatsplosion
  • OUT: Homebrew IPA
  • Strange: Zima

Episode 41 – 2017 Review

On this episode the crew reunites to take a look back at 2017 and discuss some of the things they like and dislike. They begin with the movies from last years 2017 Preview episode to see if there expectations match up. Then they take a look at the box office numbers both domestically and worldwide to see who came out on top. Saf runs down the highest rated TV shows, IGN’s Game of the Year and Billboard’s top 10 songs. And the guys share some shows they enjoyed from last year. Finally they wrap up the show by reviewing three beers.


  • IN: 18th Street – Candi Crushable
  • OUT: Revolution – Fistmas
  • Strange: 450 North – Dank Candy: Sticky Bubblegum

Episode 40 – Christmas Bonus

This week on the podcast Saf enjoys a beer and gives a “state of the podcast” update. He explains why there have been so many Lite episodes lately and teases some of the upcoming full episodes that are in the works for the new year. Then he reviews the Palisades Pineapple from Golden Road Brewing and shares a review of Sip ‘N Citrus from Summit City Brewerks he recorded with Keith a few months ago.

Lite 28 – X-Files

In preparation for X-mas Allison takes control and gives an X-traodinary run down of X-Files in its entirety.  She even gives insight and X-pectations for the new season set to come out.  After that Dustin jumped back into the fray with a X-cellent cider (Zombie Killer) from B. Nektar.