Episode 71 – Legion S02

Keith and Pail are back to talk about Legion season 2. The guys discuss new characters, episode plot points, expectations for season 3, Easter eggs, and a few favorite moments. If you haven’t watched Legion yet, skip this episode and watch season 1 NOW! They also drink beers from 18th Street Brewery and New Holland Brewing.


  • IN Beer: 18th Street Brewery – Hunter
  • OUT Beer: New Holland Brewing – Tangerine Space Machine

Episode 70 – Jurassic Park

This week the gang takes another nostalgia trip this time looking back at the original Jurassic Park trilogy. They attempt to recall the first time they saw the original movie and the feelings they had while watching the movie. They also talk about what they love or hate about the movies depending on which one they are talking about. Then they review one beer from Shoreline Brewery and one from Stone Brewing.


  • IN Beer: Shoreline Brewery – Stellar Blue
  • OUT Beer: Stone Brewing – W00t Stout 2017

Episode 69 – Sony E3 2018

Keith and Pail discuss everything that was revealed for Sony at the E3 2018 convention. Mostly games that include The Last of Us 2, Ghosts of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and the highly anticipated Spider-Man game. Keith also talks about his recent visits to Kekionga Cider Co. and Father John’s Brewing Co. up in Bryan, OH. Then they review a few beers, the IN beer is from Three Floyds Brewing Co. and the OUT beer is from New Holland Brewing. Last but not least, the Strange Brew segment makes its triumphant return to the podcast. Our OUT beer was provided by long time listener, Hannah. Thanks Hannah!


  • IN Beer: 3 Floyds Brewing – Battle Priest
  • OUT Beer: New Holland Brewing – Night Tripper
  • Strange Brew: Lazy Magnolia Brewing – Southern Pecan

Episode 68 – Xbox E3 2018

This week Keith and Dustin talk about all of Xbox’s big announcements from E3 2018. Some of the games they cover are Halo, Ori and the will of the Wisps, Sekiro, Fallout 5 (76), Terry Crews and Crackdown, Kingdom Hearts and more! There was also talk of new systems, new style of controllers and a new game pass experience. Then they wrap it up with an IN beer from The Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co. and an OUT beer from Elysian Brewing Company


  • IN Beer – The Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co.: Night Goat
  • OUT Beer – Elysian Brewing Company: Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale

Episode 67 – Nintendo E3 2018

This week Saf and Keith talk about all of Nintendo’s big announcements from E3 2018. Some of the games they cover are Mario Tennis Aces, Super Mario Party, the new Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle DLC and  Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu! / Eevee!. Also just like Nintendo they spend the majority of time talking about Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Then they wrap it up with an IN beer from 3 Floyds and an OUT beer from Dark Horse.


  • IN Beer: 3 Floyds – Rabbid Rabbit Saison
  • OUT Beer: Dark Horse Brewing – Smells Like A Citra Safety Meeting

Episode 66 – Two Year Anniversary

Can you believe we have been doing this show for two years? Well, we have and we are celebrating by looking back at some of the geeky episode topics we covered over the past 365 days. We also reveal some of the topics that we have planned for the coming months and if you have an idea for a topic lets us know on social media. Then we talk about some of our favorite / least favorite beers from the last year. We also begin the show with a midsummer Summer Movie Wager update revealing who is leading and any surprises we see thus far. Then we end the show with an IN beer, an OUT beer and another attempt to redeem Short’s Brewing.


  • IN Beer: Sun King – Freedom Rock
  • OUT Beer: Roak Brewing – Hopgazer
  • Redemption Beer: Short’s – ControversiALE

Episode 65 – Solo

On this episode we finally talk about the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. We begin with a little bit of the behind the scenes information. Then we run through the cast and Saf attempts to breakdown the main plot points, but he isn’t as good as Dustin. We then reveal a bunch of the easter eggs you may have missed. Finally we review a couple beers from Central State and have another Dr. Strange Brew.


  • Central State – 8 Hour Commute
  • Central State – Baldr
  • Blake’s Hard Cider – El Chavo

Episode 64 – Nintendo 64

In celebration of our 64th episode we had to talk about the Nintendo 64. We begin with a brief history of the 64. Then Dustin shares with us the top 10 rated games according to Metacritic. Saf reveals his top 10 N64 games and Keith goes in the closet to share with us all the games he has. We also review a couple more beers from 450 North and we have the long awaited return of the infamous Dr. Strange Brew segment.


  • 450 North Brewing – Ripe Nuggets
  • 450 North Brewing – Wonky Nuggets
  • Wells – Banana bread

Episode 63 – Deadpool

This week we finally get around to talking about Deadpool. We begin with a little background information on the character, then we jump into all of his movie appearances. Everything from his laughable (in a bad way) role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine to his on film series, Deadpool 1 & 2. Dustin also tells us about all of the easter eggs we missed in the most recent movie. Then we review three beers from Clown Shoes Beer.


  • Clown Shoes – Undead Party Crasher
  • Clown Shoes – Space Cake
  • Clown Shoes – Black Currant Saison

Episode 62 – Better Call Saul

This week Keith and Saf discuss one of their favorite shows, Better Call Saul. They run through the premise of the show and talk about the main characters. Then they talk about the main plot points from the first three seasons and try to predict what might happen in season 4. They also drink a couple of beers and talk about them.


  • IN Beer: Sun King – Pachanga
  • OUT Beer: Neshaminy Creek Brewing – JAWN