Episode 63 – Deadpool

This week we finally get around to talking about Deadpool. We begin with a little background information on the character, then we jump into all of his movie appearances. Everything from his laughable (in a bad way) role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine to his on film series, Deadpool 1 & 2. Dustin also tells us about all of the easter eggs we missed in the most recent movie. Then we review three beers from Clown Shoes Beer.


  • Clown Shoes – Undead Party Crasher
  • Clown Shoes – Space Cake
  • Clown Shoes – Black Currant Saison

Episode 62 – Better Call Saul

This week Keith and Saf discuss one of their favorite shows, Better Call Saul. They run through the premise of the show and talk about the main characters. Then they talk about the main plot points from the first three seasons and try to predict what might happen in season 4. They also drink a couple of beers and talk about them.


  • IN Beer: Sun King – Pachanga
  • OUT Beer: Neshaminy Creek Brewing – JAWN

Episode 61 – Psych S03 and 04

This week Dustin takes a dive in the archive to find this almost lost episode on Psych season 3 and 4 that him and his wife Allison recorded some time ago.  The episode dives into each episode and what makes them great: the cast, the jokes, the love.

Don’t worry about the show format, this beauty we recorded before we set up our guidelines!


Beers: (cider)

  • OUT Beer (Cider): Ace Cider – Pineapple Cider

Episode 60 – Super Mario Kart Music

Saf and Keith are back to talk about video game music and this time they cover the SNES classic, Super Mario Kart. They talk about 39 audio tracks and and reminisce about the game. They also review an IN beer from 450 North and an OUT beer from New Holland. What game should they cover next?


  • IN Beer: 450 North – Pixel Bomb
  • OUT Beer: New Holland – Hoptronix

Episode 59 – Avengers: Infinity War

Get ready for a full spoiler discussion of the latest Avengers movie. We run through the entire plot, giving our thoughts our thoughts along the way. We also did an Avengers dead pool and we see whose predictions came closest. And Dustin schools us on the Black Order. Then we drink four beers!



  • Bare Hands Brewery – Brown Ale
  • Brew Link Brewing – Nuttercup


  • Against The Grain – 35K Stout Beer
  • Surly Brewing – Coffee Bender

Episode 58 – Summer Movie Wager 2018!!

This week we announce our picks for the 2nd annual Summer Movie Wager. We each attempt to predict what the top 10 movies released between 05/1/2018-09/03/2018 will be, while Dustin also tries to redeem himself after last years humiliating loss. You can follow along with our picks all summer long and make your own predictions at the following link: https://goo.gl/QSkX6C We also review four beers, two IN and two OUT.



  • 18th Street Brewery – Psychedelic Lines
  • Brew Link Brewing – Insert Hop Reference


  • Against The Grain – Citra Ass Down
  • Surly Brewing – Xtra-Citra

Episode 57 – Avengers Draft (Final Battle)

Last week we had 2 winners and 2 losers, so now we have to decide which team is the best and which is the worst. We also continue to clean OUT the fridge with more OUT Beers and another very special Brewhaha.

OUT Beers:

  • Urban Chestnut Brewing Company: Winged Nut
  • Ellison: Citra Evolution

Brewhaha (Lager Brawl)

  • UCBC: Urban Underdog
  • Ellison: American Lager

Episode 56 – Avengers Draft (Round 1)

Now that we have picked our teams let the battle begin! This episode we will debate Team Saf vs Team Dustin and Team Keith vs Team Pail. The winners will go on to battle each other next episode as will the losers. We also continue to clean OUT the fridge with more OUT Beers and a very special Brewhaha.

OUT Beers:

  • Bear republic brewing: Racer 5 IPA
  • Mikkeller: Wit Fit

Brewhaha (Minneapolis Melee)

  • 56 Brewing: Nose Hair Bender vs.
  • Fulton Brewing: Sweet Child of Vine

Episode 55 – Avengers Draft

In honor of the Avengers Infinity War in theaters April 27th and the NFL Draft (April 26-28) over the next few episode we will be holding our own Avengers Draft and determine who has the best Avengers team. We have created a spreadsheet of 30 heroes and rated them based on Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Durability, Power, and Fighting Ability. And we will each draft 5 heroes to try and build the best team.

Then in the beer segment we are doing a little “Spring Cleaning OUT the Fridge” and we will have all OUT beers.

OUT Beers:

  • Lawson’s Finest Liquids: Sip of Sunshine
  • Tree House Brewing: Julius
  • 4 Hands: Chocolate Milk Stout

Episode 54 – Game of Thrones S02

Pail goes solo this week with the help from his wife, Kayla. They discuss everything you need to know about Game of Thrones season 2 including a season overview of the plot, new characters, top 5 favorite moments, and a fun quiz that Kayla was definitely not expecting. We finish up the show with a beer from Fort Wayne, IN and a Game of Thrones themed beer from New York.

IN – Hop River Brewing Co: Midnight Retreat
OUT – Brewery Ommegang: Game of Thrones: Winter is Here